In this beautiful cottage, these huge windows are facing due West (Lake Huron). That means every evening, there’s a gorgeous sunset coming through these windows…every evening!!! What a dream this place is eh! We worked diligently to perfect these windows so our customer could enjoy the sunsets to the utmost pleasure. Already having been a pleasure to work here, this wonderful family then invited us to stay over, enjoying great food and great company. What an awesome weekend that was…

Luxurious home in the country

This gorgeous home in Stratford has huge backyard-view windows and we make sure that the view stays pristine. You can see we need our largest ladders for this job, but thanks to our years of experience with heights, it was a simple task.

Rec centre in New Hamburg

Although our main focus is residential, we have a few projects that are commercial, this being our largest one. The designers saw fit to build a wall of glass that would allow lots of daylight. Our job? Make sure it stays clean!

Indoor swimming pool